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by Burn Permits

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released July 5, 2016

Chris Rasmussen - guitar, vocals
Bryan Gleason - bass, vocals
Neal Markowski - drums, non-vocals

Recorded and mixed 3/12/16 and 3/13/16 at Electrical Audio by Jonathan San Paolo. Assisted by Neal Markowski.

Mastered by Chris Goosman at Baseline Audio

Riff-spiration for "Milius" provided by Richy Boyer of Bellingham, WA.



all rights reserved


Burn Permits Chicago, Illinois

Yet another all white midwest bass/drums/guitar band not aiming for anything more than fitting in with the way rock music has already been being played for 30 years. Distorted guitar, drums, bass. Standard tempos, standard sounds, standard song structures. ... more

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Track Name: Queen Anne Approximately
First they come for your borders
Gonna build you new walls, ‘till you can’t make your rent
Now you’ve swallowed their orders
They’ll clean you out like you were probably meant
To be sent--back to the room you’ll afford

I know it takes a lot to pillage these days
If there’s anyone left they will never be safe

Said you just kind of gave up
No description for skill, that you can’t even sell
If they came back to save us
Would you recognize hands at the top of the shelf
If you help--you’re not helping yourself

You see a tunnel--I see a hole;You see progress--I hope you’re getting full
Track Name: Nothing Flawless
Drinking bourbon
with a candle
and the lights out:
how fucking melodramatic.

This ain't a movie,
it's your life
so put the shit down
and make it right

Pick an old scab
start a new fight
we're at an impasse
and we don't know why

Seek validation
on the outside
can't see the forest
for the trees

This house is sinking
sand and gravel
I feel it slipping
as it unravels

Maybe it's common-
this undulation
there's nothing flawless
so just breathe.
Track Name: Those Separates
I can’t make excuses anymore
If you don’t even use them, what are they for?

I don’t know if there are words I’d say
When I smashed out every light
Everyone is going separate ways
Did it really change your life?
Did it ever change your life?

I can’t tell the difference anymore
If I can’t, maybe you can, if you’re keeping score
Track Name: Milius
Leave it rotting on the sill
if we don't touch it, no one will
There is no one else

We don't mean to don these clothes
for with uniforms come rules.
Wear the title but leave everything you never wanted.

They took it all away, before it had gone wrong
They took it all away, it hadn’t even been that long
I tried to put it back, but they took all of the pieces, took all of the context
I tried to put it back

Imagination of constraint
to be things we know we ain't-
It's all fog: opaque but passable

Take a breath and take some time
if there's too much on your mind
Leave some loveliness to take along and spread about you
Track Name: Causality Violation
This is not a dream, this is not a dream (You won’t be saved by anyone)
This is not what you’ve been waiting for (You won’t be saved by anyone)
Call it for no one, call it attraction (You won’t be saved by anyone)
You’re seeing what is actually occurring...for the purpose of

Got a message for you, and you’re not gonna like it
Got a message for you, you can pray for it
Talk numbers, like it’s something you made up
‘Cause all of this it ends for good

Keep it locked away, like you already managed (You won’t be saved by anyone)
Keep it from those you’ve been waiting for (You won’t be saved by anyone)
Say it has substance, and direction (You won't’ be saved by anyone)
You’re seeing what is actually occurring...for the purpose of
Track Name: Amigos II
We were too young to give a shit
smoking, drinking, taking hits
We'd trade our innocence for
anything to make us feel free

You started first, got out of hand
it's never something that we plan
You moved away and we lost touch
but we were still the same friends

I don't remember where I was,
but I know I wasn't there.
Would you be gone if we'd been there?
Or you'd been here?
What would have happened?

When you came back you were a mess
drunk and at your self-destructive best
lost you into the night
didn't know if you'd find your way home

I didn't know how to relate
to you when you were in so deep
I was scared of you
I wanted things to just be normal
Track Name: One Of Us
You said it’d never get better
Drowning yourself to get away
Down to the basement where you’ll never see it, never hear it coming
Not before you can say

Break off the keys in my heart
Turn down the lights & draw the shades

Take back everything you sold them
There’s no more reasons to stay
There’s no advantage to let anyone, anyone know you
Maybe it’s better this way
Track Name: Errata
There was no time for you
Priorities all over, so much to do...

I was afraid of you
Brain muddied, body rotting, my heart askew

There was no rhyme or reason
for what I put you through
there was no righteousness but self-
The bottles piled up and the pile grew
there was no time for you.
Track Name: Honest Labor
Stop fucking with the door
what did you expect to hear?

What were you listening for?
Could you just sit? Could you just sit? Could you just sit? Could you just

I can't make you what you want
but I can help you to carry the weight
Shot for show, motionless
Honest labor's gone away

On another plane
In the corner for 22 days

If you saw them
and he wouldn't listen
would you stop him? would you stop him? would you stop him? would you